Zombieland 2 Release Date

Zombieland 2 release date

Zombieland 2 release date is rumored again. Should we expect for a sequel of a popular franchise?

Zombieland is a movie with a “selfish” slogan “A Living to a Dead is Not a Friend” with a modest budget of $ 24 million grossed more than 100 million, thereby virtually ensuring a start in the second part of life. In May 2012, the post-apocalyptic horror fans received a gift – Content posted on the Web information on the start of work on Zombieland 2.

According to rumors, in the second part we are waiting for the emergence of a new villain, and in Tallahassee will rival. The first tape was completely devoid of any romantic line, so we can expect that in a sequel screenwriters will pay attention to this side.

Zombieland 2 release date is rumored

A director of a Zombieland is Ruben Fleischer, professional, having a credit several successful operations in particular in Gangster Squad. As far as we know, the second part will also remove it. A producer of Zombieland 2 is still Gavin Polone who expressed a desire to perform a sequel in 3D-format.

With Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson Sony PE is already in talks about their participation in the sequel.

Zombieland 2 release date is expected in 2016.

DVD release of Zombieland 2 is waited for 2016.

Zombieland 2 release date on Bluray is scheduled for the very beginning of 2016.

It is worth noting that the majority of viewers the first part of Zombieland were satisfied, but stated that it does not plan to revise. In addition, many have chosen online viewing of the film, not wishing to go to the movies.

Zombieland 2 release date has been kept secret, but on foreign resources indicated in 2016. Now, there is no an official confirmation on the date the premiere of the new Zombieland or trailer, so the audience can only wait for more information.

Are you waiting for Zombieland 2 release date?

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