I Zombie 1 Season Release Date

I Zombie 1 season release date

I Zombie 1 season release date is confirmed. What to expect from the new show written and screened after a popular DC and Vertigo comic book franchise?


A medical student who becomes a zombie gains access to the brains. To survive she has to eat human brains so that she can maintain her humanity. With every eaten brains she inherits memories of an owner and must solve their deaths with help from the Medical examiner and a police detective.

I Zombie 1 season release date is confirmed

You will find many different creatures in the series such as vampires, zombies, and many others. There will be battles and even a sentimental line. Gwen is not just a dead brain eater, but a simple girl, who also has friends, acquaintances, work and other things usually only normal people have. What else is in store for us is offered you can learn from comic books, although it is likely that there will be added many other things into the series.

I Zombie 1 season release date is scheduled for the very beginning of 2015.

Will you wait for the new show?

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