You’re the Worst 3 Season Release Date

You’re The Worst 3 season release date

You’re The Worst 3 season release date was confirmed by FX channel. Read and discuss the news below.

FXX promised the great comeback for the new season of this popular comedy TV. When should we wait for You’re The Worst 3 season premiere? What will we see in You’re the Worst season 3 episode 1?

The Plot:

This story is not like any other. it tells us about two very cheeky people named Jimmy and Gretchen, who are trying to literally do the impossible: build a perfect relationship. All would be good, but these guys can hardly be called not only a good pair but generally positive characters. Meet the heroes going to the wedding. Jimmy just a few minutes ago finished photographing his manhood on disposable cameras and Gretchen at all – decided to “slip away” with this boring event, do not forget to bring along someone else’s gift of a blender.

You’re The Worst 3 season release date was confirmed by FX channel

After smoking joint heroes agreed that this wedding is full “crap” and “shit”, and its members cannot be called by some the word censorship. That’s how they began their love story. Gretchen and Jimmy cannot be called an ordinary pair, because promiscuity for them simply banal, which has become a habit, obscene expression, corruption and bad habits – ordinariness.

You’re The Worst 3 season release date will happen somewhere in autumn of 2016.

DVD and Bluray release date of You’re The Worst 3 season will happen in fall of 2016.

While waiting, please watch You’re The Worst 2 season trailer:

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