Steam Controller Release Date

Steam controller release date is yet to be announced officially. When will be able to buy this high –end controller? Trusted source of PC Gamer, Valve is aware of plans for a draft Steam Machines, said during the event PAX East 2014, that the innovative game controller Steam Controller will enter the market any time […]

What Is The Correct Order to Watch Star Wars?

What is the correct order to watch Star Wars if you are have never watched a single movie from this cilt sci-fi franchise? Let’s find out from the experts. Star Wars is a cult sci-fi saga that was produced and directed by George Lucas in the 1970s. An epic saga includes six movies that tell […]

Highschool of the Dead 2 Season Release Date

Highschool of the Dead 2 season release date is highly rumored. Fans of the popular slash anime with provocative style can cheer up. After the first season of Highschool of the Dead more than a year took place. However, fans of the Japanese anime series Highschool of the Dead do not lose hope on output […]

iOS 9 Release Date Launch 2015

iOS 9 release date is still vague. Just recently  iOS 8 was released but the fans of Apple smartphones and tablets are already asking about the new update of popular mobile software operating system. As you remember, iOS was released on the 17th of June (at least the developer version). Whatever you may say, but […]

What is the Release Date for Asus Nexus 8?

What is the release date for Asus Nexus 8?  The Google representatives announced some specifications of Nexus 8 tablet. Nexus 8 is going to be the rival iPad Mini 2 that has a 64-bit chip and Android 4.5 OS. The Nexus 8 is going to become the Google’s next new Android OS. Asus Nexus 7 […]

What is the Release Date for Sony Xperia T3?

What is the release date for Sony Xperia T3? SONY presented its brand new 2014 smartphone Sony Xperia T3 that should find its niche in the price range of high-end gadgets. The “heart” of smartphone serves a 4-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.4 GHz. IPS display has a 5.3-inch diagonal with a resolution of 1280×720 […]

What is The Release Date for Microsoft Office 2015?

What is the release date for Microsoft Office 2015? All who use this popular text editor are wondering when they will be able to try the new features and see the improved user interface of Microsoft Office 2015. Microsoft is currently testing the first mobile, client and server versions of Windows 9 – this was […]

What is the Release Date for Windows 9?

What is the release date for Windows 9? Will it be as good and multi-functional as the previous operating system installment – Windows 8 by Microsoft? There is a well-known fact that the new version of Windows OS (9 installment) will be soon released by the industry’s leader Microsoft. What will be added and changed […]

What is the Release Date for iPhone 6?

When is the release date for iPhone 6? Will the new smartphone by Apple be as productive and popular among users as previous installments? During this year the Apple employees had to work really hard to finish all planned projects at time. As a result of this titanic work, the global smartphone market was replenished […]