What Happened to Monday Release Date

What happened to Monday release date

What happened to Monday release date was scheduled. Get the details below.

Stars of the upcoming premiere of What Happened to Monday are Noomi Rapace, William Dafoe and Glenn Close.

The Plot:

The action movie is titled as What happened to Monday? The plot takes place in a new, utopian world. Here there is a very strict law that prohibits families have more than one child. Strange, is not it? For non-compliance of the Act, the government is very punishing so-called “criminals”. That is why many families are afraid to have children at all. But as you know, laws are made to be broken.  Are daredevils who violate the law. In this regard, they are forced to live in constant fear. Throughout his life, they are hiding from the authorities, from strangers and neighbors. They have almost no friends, because it is very difficult to know who to trust and who not.  Some of these people – this is an ordinary family at first glance. But as it turned out, their family as much as 7 twins! Not bad, right?

What happened to Monday release date was scheduled

Their lives are filled with constant fear that very soon learns about their secret, and they will be punished. They dream about how to live like everyone else, no one is hiding and just enjoy life. It is such a development, or they will have and the rest of life in hiding? To date, shooting pictures are not over yet, so to speak about the exact date of the film is too early.

 What happened to Monday release date was scheduled for 2016.

What happened to Monday release date on DVD and Bluray will happen in the end of 2016.

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