Warm Bodies 2 Release Date

Warm Bodies 2 release date

Warm Bodies 2 release date was scheduled. This question has already been a couple of years excites the fans this zombie drama about friendship and zombie girl who played by Teresa Palmer and Nicholas Hoult.

Adaptation of the novel by Isaac Marion 2011 was very successful for the creators of the movie because the film in 2013, earned $ 117 million in worldwide box office with a budget of $ 35 million. The book and the film were both well received by readers and viewers.

Warm Bodies 2 release date was scheduled

A few months after the film adaptation of Warm Bodies, Isaac Marion announced that he wrote a continuation of this apocalyptic story.

And for fans of the franchise there was a message from the producer Bruna Papandreou said that in his interview with Badass Digest, she hopes to turn the second book in the movie. In addition, she wants to return to the first picture director Jonathan Levine adapt sequel of Warm Bodies.

Warm Bodies 2 release date is still unknown, but the fact that the film wants to shoot gives fans a great chance for his appearance.

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