Vikings 3 Season Release Date

Vikings 3 season release date

Vikings 3 season release date has been confirmed. What to expect from new episodes of the popular History Channel’s drama series?

This Canadian-Irish historical-drama TV show by Michael Hurst and History Channel had made a lot of fuss. For the past two seasons, the show tells the saga of the Vikings of Scandinavia.

The plot:

The main character is a character drama is a famous viking Ragnar Lodbrok. The plot revolves around himself, his family and a dedicated team.

Ragnar wants to become the leader of the tribes of the Vikings. Legend has it that he was a descendant of Odin. He and his courageous war robbed Paris, attacked England and Denmark.

Vikings 3 season release date has been confirmed

Official statement:

Judging by the ratings of the show, you can most likely talk about future filming the third season. Vikings occupies a leading position in the ranking of television programs on History Channel, which ensures more airtime.

Representatives of History Channel announced the extension of a new show on the third season. In the new season will be filmed ten episodes. “Vikings took the audience by storm and established themselves as one of the most attractive, visually stunning dramas on television. With its large, passionate and loyal fans, Vikings are firmly fixed on History in a series of genre, just as we are leaders in the reality show. We are incredibly fortunate to have such an extremely talented staff and a team led by Michael Hurst who intricately woven storylines vividly brings unknown, epic world of the Scandinavians to life”, – the director of history Channel said.

The 3rd season promises to immerse the audience deeper into the exploits of these brave soldiers who are willing to risk everything to gain and power.

Vikings 3 season release date is February 2015 (supposedly).

Did you see this show? Do you like this saga of Vikings depicted in the show?

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