Vice 4 Season Release Date

Vice 4 season release date

Vice 4 season release date will happen very soon on HBO channel. Read more about the premiere below.

What to expect from the upcoming Vie 4 season premiere? What will the audience see in Vice season 4 episode 1? HBO disclosed some facts.

About the project:

HBO network with Shane Smith, a journalist and co-founder of the cult magazine and now head of the international media company Vice launched the unique television show which can be a long-awaited coming of gonzo journalism on TV. According to the creators, the show must expose the absurdity of the world and international politics. The crew has already visited Kabul, look for the missing boys from Mormon families in Utah and Albuquerque visited a Baptist school, where they teach to defend against the “forces of evil” with firearms. The last episode will be dedicated to visiting Dennis Rodman and correspondents show in North Korea, during which basketball met with Kim Jong-un and discussed the program of establishing relations between North Korea and the United States through basketball.

What do we know about the world in which we happen to live? According to the creators of documentary series «Vice» – practically nothing, but to begin to understand it’s never too late. And indeed, most people representations of reality are limited to his native city. Even in their own country, not to mention the distant and exotic corners of the Earth, we learn of short news that to produce a complete and clear picture of the world, is clearly not enough.

Vice 4 season release date will happen very soon on HBO channel

HBO in conjunction with the popular journalistic publication VICE set about correcting this situation. Every single episode – it’s an amazing, often shocking the viewer a story told by these rather than venal journalists, paired with the most famous personalities of our time. From this series, we learn why the Philippines is the most dangerous place on the planet for politicians; in clandestine clinics in New York with the help of voodoo treat heroin addicts; why the world cannot cope with the Somali pirates; what is the power of the Taliban against children, which they successfully converted into suicide bombers.

What he saw on the screen plunges into frightened the most experienced spectator. The worst thing – the fact that all this is true, confirmed by the dry facts and unemotional video frames. From the reality of creepy, but it is essential knowledge.

Vice 4 season release date will happen on HBO on February 5, 2016.

There is no news about Vice 4 season release date on DVD and Bluray.

While waiting, watch Vice 4 season trailer:

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