Once Upon A Time 4 Season Release Date

Once Upon A Time 4 season release date

Once Upon A Time 4 season release date has been scheduled by ABC channel. Te fans are already waiting for the new season of their favorite show to watch.


Emma Swan is the main protagonist of the show. On her birthday her abandoned son, Henry, whom she had once left, visit her. Henry opens his mother’s secret, that her real parents are The Prince Charming and Snow White. He also tells her about a parallel fantasy world – city Storybrooke. Being surprised Emma follows Henry and find the things that are far beyond normality.

In this city the Wicked Queen (Henry’s adoptive mother) has once stopped time. Thus begins the battle for the future of the two worlds, where the main role that is given to Emma…

Once Upon A Time 4 season release date is confirmed

The date announcement:

With each new season to the list of characters of the series are added more and more new characters from all known fairy tales. The series evolves with each new series. Spectators love and the prospects for further development of the plot allow hoping for release of a new fourth season of Once Upon A Time.

The show’s creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis in interviews hinted that the fourth season will be released as well as the fifth one, though not all the characters will live up to it.

The official statements of the channel proved that the series was extended for another season. We soon should expect for the new episodes.

Once Upon A Time 4 season release date is 28th of September, 2014.

Did you see this show? What do you want to see in the new season?

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