Twilight 6 Release Date

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Twilight 6 release date was clarified. This movie will be another movie in the popular saga of a vampire love story ordinary girl Bella Swan and a vampire Edward Cullen.

The plot of the franchise is a series of novels “Twilight” written by writer Stephanie Meyer.

We already know that the filmmakers intend to create a sixth of the need to get a solid budget – investment in film production will amount to almost 132 million dollars. Recall that the creation of the movie “Twilight 5” spent $120 million in worldwide box office and the box office receipts totaled over $ 800 million. According to the information about the possible cast, the main contenders for the role of the protagonist called Renesmee and Leah Klirouter.

Twilight 6 should be even more exciting than the previous part, because with the creation of the film are going to use a completely new special effects, and some of them even before the end is not mastered.

Twilight 6 release date was clarified

In 2010, the Internet appeared the book “Twilight: Sunset eternity”, but as it turned out, it created the fans of the saga, as the writer Meyer to it has nothing to do. However, many fans since await the release of the film “Twilight: Sunset eternity” based on the book.

Twilight 6 release date is scheduled for the second half of 2015.

DVD release of Twilight 6 will be scheduled for January or February of 2016.

Twilight 6 release date on Bluray is rumored for the second half of 2016.

Around the release date of the movie “Twilight 6” there’s a lot of rumors and while the exact date cannot be named, the one thing is still certain – it will happen no earlier than the second half of 2015.

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