Tropico 5 Release Date on PS4

Tropico 5 release date

Tropico 5 release date on PS4 was confirmed by developers. The game was released on PS3, PC and Xbox 360 in April of 2014.

The very first DLC Mad World to economic simulator Tropico 5 became available in Steam service – states the publisher Kalypso Media.

You can purchase it for only for few buckes. If you do not buy the game in Steam, and in this case, you can get a supplement with a stroll on the link at the Kalypso Launcher. Perhaps this is obvious, but still recall that for DLC, you will need the original Tropico 5.

Buyers will receive a new independent campaign Madness, a new building – a psychiatric hospital – a new hat for your favorite dictator additional location St. Dimpna, as well as a fresh musical theme. There is also a story motivated. Living in World War Era the bad impact on our El Presidente and a love for the prosperity of the local population was not enough. In general, return it to the system and begin to fight for the health of the nation – a medical institution to help you. By the way, the organization is perfect and to eliminate competitors.

Tropico 5 release date on PS4

Recall that now the game is only available on the PC. In November, there should be a version for the Xbox 360, and in the first quarter of next year to manage its banana republic users will be able to PlayStation 4. Porting as the development of the main game, engaged Haemimont Games.

Tropico 5 release date on PS4 will be in the beginning of 2015.

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