Tripped 2 Season Release Date

Tripped 2 season release date

Tripped 2 season release date was announced. The details are given below.

The English killer comedy series directed by James Stone will be continued. Georgina Campbell and Blake Harrison will come back in Tripped 2 season premiere.

According to official information from the studio “Mammoth Screen”, the project was originally planned as a mini-series, but after the premiere of the franchise has gained a lot of popularity, and it was decided to produce Tripped season 2 episode 1.

The Plot:

This story is about the friendship that exists in all dimensions in the literal sense of the words. The main characters Danny and Milo had been friends since childhood and always get into various funny situations.

But soon, Denny decided to stop being an adult teenager, he went to work, he has a young girl – the future bride, and future plans for life.

But Milo remains eternally without tower junkie scumbag and soft drugs – marijuana, mushrooms, and other muck. Milo thought Danny would do his best man at his wedding, but he flatly decided not to do so, and then came the end of the friendship.

Tripped 2 season release date was announced

Milo returned home frustrated, stuffed his body different drugs and went into a spiritual trance. And then Danny comes in the apartment all in fabulous armor and tells him about the existence of parallel worlds and now each of them threatened with extinction.

Well, that’s not all, behind the guy in armor appeared angry man with a sword, the battle begins here, at the Denny’s was a teleport bracelet, but the battle breaks down and disappears, leaving instructions for Milo.

Tripped 2 season release date will happen in December of 2016.

Wait for the official update to know about Tripped 2 season release date on DVD and Bluray.

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