Trainspotting 2 Release Date

Trainspotting 2 release date

Trainspotting 2 release date was scheduled. The news is given further.

Trainspotting 2 premiere will be released in 2018. This was announced by director of the first movie Danny Boyle. The first movie was released 20 years ago – in 1996.

The movie gained popularity around the world being titled as one of the best dramas about drug addicts. The sequel promises to be no less interesting.

The Plot:

The events will take place in the capital of England. It is home to a guy named Mike. He is the representative of modern English youth, accustomed to all the ride and not worry about tomorrow. For days, Mike is loitering in the street hoping to distract me and to give his life meaning. Our hero has two friends – Johnny named stump and Martin.

Trainspotting 2 release date was scheduled

All three of them are sitting tight on heroin and for another dose are ready to sell his mother. One friend acquainted with the representative of the criminal world, a man named Vincent. The offender immediately understands what was happening and decides to use the guys to the destination. In the course of the story, they rob the store and taking with him a large sum of money tucked in low-income areas of London. At this very moment, Mike decides to engage and develop a cunning plan to escape…

Trainspotting 2 release date was scheduled for October 1, 2018. However, there can be some changes in this plan.

Trainspotting 2 release date on Bluray and DVD will probably happen in the beginning of 2019.

While waiting, please watch Trainspotting 1 movie trailer:

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