Tomorrowland Release Date

Tomorrowland release date

Tomorrowland release date is scheduled for this year. Check the details about the upcoming movies.

In the beginning of May 2012 approved as a director nominee two-time winner “Oscar” Phillip Bradley Bird. American director, who shot to world-renowned studios Disney, Pixar and Warner Bros. Pictures have a huge number of an extraordinary blockbuster and it was the ideal choice. A little later, George Clooney began negotiations to take part in the film. The working title of the project was “1952”, but at the beginning of January 2013 it was replaced by Tomorrowland.

The cast of Tomorrowland

And in the summer of 2013 the main role was approved for the American actress, Brittany Leanna “Britt” Robertson. In addition to George Clooney for the role of Frank Walker and Britt Robertson as Casey Newton, the film successfully starring Judy Greer, and Hugh Laurie in the role of David Nix and Kathryn Hahn as Ursula. ┬áParticipation of Tim McGraw, the famous American singer in country style, added certain piquancy.

Tomorrowland release date is scheduled

The plot of Tomorrowland

The increased interest of moviegoers is not only the star of the film “The Land of the Future”, but also twisted a fantastic story with a touch of a detective. The basic meaning of the whole picture is fully consistent with the slogan: “Imagine a world where everything is possible.” In the center of the screen event is a girl Casey. It becomes a happy owner of an extraordinary and mysterious object that is easily capable of taking a person into a completely different reality. It is beyond our world, another reality, there are very different manners, relationships, and practices. Having the opportunity to visit some of the other worlds of reality Casey sees that life did not appeal to her side of the world. To understand in all she needs help, she tries to find a former genius inventor Frank.

The facts about Tomorrowland release date

Despite the plainness of the storyline, the film is sure to please the mysteries of high technology and an abundance of beautiful moments. Opportunity for a moment to look through the veil of parallel measurements is always in great demand. And if we add to this the demand for quality and a brilliant director’s work the cast, the film is simply doomed to success.

Tomorrowland release date is expected in 25th of August, 2015.

Bluray release date of Tomorrowland for winter of 2015.

Tomorrowland release date on DVD is planned for the very beginning of 2016.

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