Togetherness 2 Season Release Date

Togetherness 2 season release date

Togetherness 2 season release date was scheduled. What to expect from the second season?

Togetherness is an American comedy about family relationships. The comedy was a success, so the TV channel HBO decided that the show has a great chance to become a long-playing.

The plot:

In each series, we observe family relationships and comic situations. Couple Alex and Michelle settled in his cottage friend of the family’s head Brett. He who is still an actor and not a long time yet, and the homeless, who are already 20 years old dreams of becoming a Hollywood star. In addition, they still live sister Michelle – Tina, funny and intelligent girl. Between Brett and Tina, it is a relationship.

Head of the family, Alex is a young man who has all that is needed for full happiness: a good wife, two children and a favorite job. However, not everything is rosy: at work he suddenly have problems, and in the family is not all perfect. Their marriage with Michelle is on the verge of breaking. His wife, Michelle, typical American housewife, bringing up children but dreams of a brighter and more interesting life.

Togetherness 2 season release date was scheduled

Between the characters of the series are formed an uneasy relationship, unfortunately, devoid of responsibility. Each of them has its own habits, hobbies and future plans often do not coincide with those of the other. And this “fun” family lives under one roof in Los Angeles. They’re exciting live together, we can see in the sitcom “Unity”.

Interesting facts

Togetherness is the teamwork of brothers Jay and Mark. They wrote the script, filmed a pilot episode and steel producers of the series. This is the first brothers on television before they took off full-length comedies – Jeff, Who Lives at Home and Cyrus.

Togetherness 2 season release date is in the summer of 2015.

DVD release of Togetherness 2 season release date was in the end in 2015.

Togetherness 2 season release date on Bluray is planned for 2016.

Are you waiting for the second season for Togetherness?

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