The Surge Release Date

The Surge release date was confirmed

The Surge release date was confirmed. The new game by Deck 13 (the developers of Lords of The Fallen) announced the new game in development.

For many months, we have prepared you for this announcement, and it really took place, but without any spectacular trailer or screenshots. Deck13, creators of the role-playing game Lords of the Fallen, visited the Gamescom that was held in August of 2015, announced its new game The Surge and give it the description with a single screenshot.

The Plot:

So, the Earth survives his last years, the planet is overpopulated, environmental decay is everywhere, and people are forced to work to survive. However, many occupations were driven by artificial intelligence; execute them better, and the only place where you can make money, become a farm in the suburbs, where people have to work with the earth in special mech-suits enhancing their natural power.

The Surge release date

The universe of The Surge is a very grim version of the future, in which the evolution of technology, our society and the treatment of nature led to the decline of human civilization. More information on The Surge must be received in the upcoming months.

The Surge release date is scheduled by Deck 13 is expected in 2017.

The release date of The Surge is expected in 2017 simultaneously on all current platforms – PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

While waiting, you can watch the video interview with The Surge developer from GamesCom:

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