The Last Witch Hunter Release Date

The Last Witch Hunter release date

The Last Witch Hunter release date will happen in 2015. Check the detailed information below.

The Hollywood actor Vin Diesel appears in blockbusters almost every year, sometimes several times per year, though it does not make every new movie with him less than expected. So everyone who loves a good action story is waiting for new works by Diesel. This is also true to the new Diesel’s movie titled as The Last Witch Hunter.


The new adventure movie, as you can tell from its title, will transfer a viewer into those dark times when the world was enveloped with dark forces. The protagonist is Calder (Vin Diesel). He is an immortal witch hunter who is not afraid of death. The protagonist dedicated his life for a struggle with witches, but today the world is in grave danger and the threat itself is so strong that Calder cannot deal with it alone. He has to join forces with those who he hunted all his life – particularly, with a young witch. And the reason for that was the holding of a witch coven to send down to New York and get rid of the plague threatening all its inhabitants.

The Last Witch Hunter release date will happen

At this point, the movie is in the post-production phase. There are rumors that The Last Witch Hunter premiere will start a new franchise.

The Last Witch Hunter release date is scheduled for October 15, 2015.

The Last Witch Hunter on Bluray and DVD is expected in winter of 2015.

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