The Last Guardian Release Date

The Last Guardian release date

The Last Guardian release date was announced during Sony press conference. The details are given below.

This is not a joke or fake – The Last Guardian actually is alive and kicking. The first demonstration of the game at E3 was held in 2009, and during all this time the fans of Team Ico studio have been waiting for its release. Someone probably bought PS3 for playing this game, but the project never saw the light. Each year during E3 there are rumors that the game is “frozen”, and then it was reported that its development is in the full swing. There was also information about the closing of the project. Sony Conference at E3 2015 was opened with the long-awaited adventure, which has found a new life on PlayStation 4 platform.

In the video, there are the same characters as in the trailer of 2009: a boy dressed in a kind of toga and a strange creature resembling a mixture between a dog, a cat and a bird. The atmosphere of The Last Guardian resembles Ico and Shadow of the Colossus – the past projects of Team Ico.

The Last Guardian release date was announced

“Not long time ago a group of like-minded developers with whom I created the game for many years, the game makes me feel enjoyed. Together with my colleagues we have opened a new studio genDesign, – says creative director Fumito Ueda on its website. – Most of all we want to empower the video game industry”.

The exact release date is unknown but this time Sony promises The Last Guardian release date in 2016.

The Last Guardian release date is scheduled for 2016.

For now The Last Guardian premiere is expected exclusively on PS4 platforms.

The Last Guardian release date and premiere are not expected on PlayStation 3 or Xbox consoles.

What are you waiting from The Last Guardian premiere?

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