The Get Down 1 Season Release Date

The Get Down 1 season release date

The Get Down 1 season release date will happen on Netflix. You can read the details further.

There is some information about The Get Down premiere on Netflix. What do you expect from The Get Down season 1 episode 1? What surprises should we wait from the show?

The Get Down is a special TV project. First, he engaged himself great and terrible Baz Luhrmann. And secondly, his idea of the series became his first work of its kind for television. The interesting fact is the famous perfectionist Luhrmann tried not only for the extras but a rather important role in choosing the unknown actors: it was created a separate resource that African American and Hispanic youth of both sexes can leave your resume.

The Get Down 1 season release date will happen on Netflix

The Plot:

This series is a kind of saga of the New York of the 1970s. Like all of America, the metropolis is in a period of financial depression, is actually a “city on his knees”, – as Luhrmann said. And there is a creative force that is changing not just the city, and the musical picture of the entire planet. Poor boys and girls from the Bronx with his graffiti and recitatives gradually conquering New York, moving from the huts in which they happen to reside, to the center, getting to the World Trade Center, which has just been built.

It was a time when were born so different musical trends, like hip-hop, disco, and punk. For the accuracy of what is happening on the screen can be calm: in its large team of script writers attracted Luhrmann who in those years he lived in the Bronx and emerging musical revolution saw with my own eyes.

The Get Down 1 season release date has been confirmed for the first quarter of 2016.

There is no information about the release date of The Get Down 1 season on DVD or Bluray.

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