The Dark Tower Release Date

The Dark Tower release date

The Dark Tower release date is closer than we expected. When to wait for the long-expected series?

There are some updates about The Dark Tower premiere.

The Dark Tower stands for the series of novels by American writer Stephen King, written as the mixture of fantasy, horror, science fiction, westerns, and other genres. The series tells the story of the gunslinger Roland who travels in search of the legendary Dark Tower. Stephen King called the series as his magnum opus. The cycle of the Dark Tower includes a variety of themes, characters and storylines from other, unrelated to each other King’s books.

In August of last year, it became known that Matthew McConaughey (Interstellar) has received an invitation to join the cast of the film “Confrontation”. As it became known to journalists The Wrap, currently the winner of the Oscar are considering creators of another movie adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark tower.

McConaughey is free to choose the side in the history of the struggle between good and evil. Initially, the actor was asked to play the protagonist of the book series – Roland Deschain, but McConaughey in the negotiating process expressed interest in the role of the man in black. Curiously, the image of the universe as an antagonist of King horror actor and offered to bring the creators of “confrontation.”

The Dark Tower release date is closer than we expected

While some fans are in the hurry to dress up in a suit Idris Elba as James Bond, the popular actor is eyeing the lead role in The Dark Tower.

In November, it was reported that Matthew McConaughey was offered the choice as positive and negative characters – Roland Deschain and Randall Flagg. According to the official sources, actors are more inclined to the image of the villain Flagg. Sony considered for the role of the main character the choice of Javier Bardem, but still the company prefers to pick up Idris Elba.

The Dark Tower 1 season release date was scheduled for January 13, 2017.

There is no information about the release date of The Dark Tower movie on DVD and Bluray.

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