The Awesomes 3 Season Release Date

The Awesomes 3 season release date

The Awesomes 3 season release date was confirmed. The details are given below.

Hulu Plus original service released the first season of this hilarious animated show in August of 2013. Seth Meyers and Michael Shoemaker are still showrunners and swear that The Awesomes 3 season premiere will blow up your mind.

The Plot:

The leader of the US team’s greatest super-heroes, The Awesomes is 90 years old. In a sensational press conference, he said that his combat squad is disbanded. The public is shocked, but the corrupt media immediately begin to spread the word that the world is the world unmoved! However, it is not so, but who really protects the Earth from the evil-doers, presented the widest palette that begins and ends with the traditional vampire gone mad domestic robot?

The Awesomes 3 season release date was confirmed

Fortunately, the main superhero of all time has a son. The former members of the super team also have children, mostly teens. And the younger generation does not want to remain on the sidelines. Especially because the main villain began showing his activity.

Let the well-known team of super-heroes disbanded. Let the government ceased its regular funding. Let the media create an unsightly appearance of bygone heroes and their followers. New Awesomes will be able to establish order and restore the honor of his predecessors and to win his own glory.

The Awesomes 3 season release date was scheduled for September 1, 2015.

The Awesomes 3 season release date on DVD and Bluray is expected in Q4 of 2015.

Watch The Awesomes 2 season trailer:

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