The Amazing Race 28 Season Release Date

The Amazing Race 28 season release date

The Amazing Race 28 season release date will happen very soon. The details are given below.

CNS announced about the production of the new season of their successful TV series. When should we wait for The Amazing Race 28 season premiere? What will we see in The Amazing Race season 28 episode 1?

About the project:

In every season of the show involved 11 (sometimes less or more) teams. Each season consists of 11-12 releases. In each team, there are 2 people. It can be mother and daughter, friends, husband and wife, and so on.

In each episode of the game, teams are tested in one of the cities in which they arrived. The tests are of different types, such as selling points to earn the money to install a TV antenna and so on. After the test team found an envelope in which to write them the next waypoint. And in envelopes may contain hints as to the next waypoint (such as “Journey to the westernmost point of continental Europe”) and physical elements (for example, the flag of the country where you want to go). If a team commits a foul, it is penalized for a certain time (30 minutes).

Teams are not limited to vehicles. They can fly on airplanes, ride in cars, take a taxi, walk. But they are required to pay the full cost of the trip (before the game they are given a small amount of money, about $ 100). Also, the money is in some envelopes. If the team did not have enough money, it should in any way they earn. The only exception – flights by plane. Here, teams get a credit card for the purchase of tickets economy class.

The Amazing Race 28 season release date will happen very soon

After several test teams should arrive at the pit stop. Often leading award any bonus team, which first came into the pits. The team arrived at the last pit stop; it can be excluded from the game. At the pit stop the team rest for 12 hours after which they must either fly to another country to pass the test and are already there, or move to another city in the same country and also be tested. The team came to the finish of the last stage of the first, wins the game.

The Amazing Race 28 season release date was announced on February 12, 2016, on CBS.

There is no information about the release date of The Amazing Race 28 season on DVD or Bluray.

While waiting watch The Amazing Race 28 season trailer:

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