Telenovela 2 Season Release Date

Telenovela 2 season release date

Telenovela 2 season release date was announced. Catch the details in the following post.

Eva Longoria, Diana Maria Riva, and Jose Moreno Brooks will come back in Telenovela 2 season premiere.  Universal TV disclosed some details about the upcoming Telenovela season 2 episode 1.

The Plot:

This story will tell about the life of the famous Spanish actress Anna Sophia Calderon. Since childhood, Anna wanted to act in films, become a successful actress that happened when she grew up. With its stunning looks, she manages to perfectly fulfill the role of pungent beauties.

But because of the constant employment and concerns of show business in the personal life of the protagonist find herself in a messy chaos.

In the channel, which broadcasts the show with Anna starring changing direction, the new editor makes significant adjustments to the script.

Anna always dreamed that her show attended by Enrique Iglesias, this request came to the new leadership, and hoped for a positive response. But instead of a star performer on the show gets her ex-husband star Javier Castillo.

Telenovela 2 season release date was announced

Here the most intriguing moments start because the protagonists divorce occurred because of frequent changes spouse, but they remained unproven Anna.

In order not to go to hell, becoming the mistress of a man who brought her the sea experience, pain, and frustration Anna goes to the very top of Hollywood to revise the storyline. How events will unfold, we learn in the new series.

Telenovela 2 season release date was planned for December of 2016. Let’s wait for the official date, since the season is currently in production.

There is no information about the release date of Telenovela 2 season on DVD or Bluray.

Please watch Telenovela 1 season trailer:

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