Ted 3 Release Date

Ted 3 release date

Ted 3 release date has been confirmed by Seth McFarlane. Read the details about Ted 3 premiere.

The first part of the comedy franchise called Ted came out in 2012. After a successful show, the creators filmed Ted sequel, which opens at the end of June 2015. Immediately after Ted 2 release date people began to ask about Ted 3 release date details. The creators confirmed Ted 3 production. The main roles in this adult comedy were performed by Hollywood stars such as Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis.

The plot of Ted franchise:

In the first film, the story begins with a boy child named John, who did not have friends. There was a boy teddy bear. John sincerely wished that his favorite Teddy came to life and learned to speak. In one year, his wish came true on Christmas. Since then, the boy and the bear became best friends. When the boy grew up, the bear slowly spoiled character. Now he has turned from sweet teddy creating a problem. Beast stubbornly refuses to grow up and want to hang out all the time and smoke pot.

In the second film, the time has passed and the bear Ted has settled down. Teddy hero married friend at work – Tami-Lynn. The couple decides to have a baby. They decided to get help from the best friend John. At the trial require that Ted has proved its ability and the right to the child in court. John separated himself from Laurie and ready for new adventures, along with his childhood best friend.

Ted 3 release date has been confirmed

Judging by popularity of this comedy franchise and a huge army of fans, we can safely say Ted 3 release date will definitely happen in 2-3 years. Let’s wait for official statements from the creators of the movie.  Though, Seth McFarlane confirmed the production for Ted 3 and very approximate release date.

Ted 3 release date is right now expected in 2018.

DVD release date of Ted 3 movie must be also expected in 2018. The same can be referred to Ted 3 release date on Bluray.

While you are waiting for Ted 3 premiere, watch Ted 2 movie trailer 2:

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