Street Fighter 5 Release Date

Street Fighter 5 release date

Street Fighter 5 release date was announced by the developers from Capcom. Will you play this fighting?

When the release date will be announced fighting games Street Fighter 5 from the company Capcom? For a long time fans of the game, series is expected to yield new part. The fourth part of the game was released back in 2008. Will the game be released for PC platform?

In December 2014, the public was presented the first trailer for Street Fighter 5 recording, the game will be available on platforms such as the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Street Fighter 5 release date was announced

In the spring of 2015, there were rumors about the possible release of the fifth installment in the franchise in 2016. An article on the website Greg Moore in which a person associated with the company Capcom tells us about Street Fighter 5 release date on different platforms:

Street Fighter 5 release date is coming to PC and PS4 the next spring (2016).

For now Street Fighter 5 season release date on Xbox One or PS3/Xbox 360 is not expected.

Until then, you can purchase the official SFV Key Art T-shirt that shows Ryu in a heroic pose – for $25.

Will you wait for Street Fight 5 release date on PC or PS4?

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