Stitchers 2 Season Release Date

Stitchers 2 season release date

Stitchers 2 season release date was announced by ABC. Catch the details in the following post.

The Canadian TV show Stitchers made by the directors Janis Cooke-Leonard, Robin Greenlee with actors Allison Scagliotti, Kyle Harris and Ross Kurt Le will come back. Stitchers 2 season premiere is currently in the production.

The premiere of the first season took place in the summer of 2015 and the show has both positive and negative reviews. What will happen in Stitchers season 2 episode 1?

The Plot

The events taking place in one of the special department of the National Security Agency, members of the department are engaged in the disclosure of particularly important cases related to the brutal murders, terrorism, smuggling of arms and drugs.

Their main task is the reproduction of the memory of the dead victims or perpetrators of memories, ask how, when a person dies the brain still lives just a few hours from there they take out important clues, using special equipment.

Stitchers 2 season release date was announced by ABC

The main character, Kristen, as fate sick strange disease, she can not feel the time criteria and not oriented in time, but because of his great mathematical skills has managed to curb this disease with the help of logical calculations.

With colleagues, she is not very smooth, which contributed to the suspension from duty at the university.

And just on the nose, he was a doctoral thesis, it also had to be postponed to an unknown date. But this is not all her father’s which she is grateful for a decent education has recently committed suicide.

It was at this point, Kristen wanted representatives of the NSA, and offered a job in a certain project. It must be under the supervision of experts immersed in the consciousness of the dead and for two days to look for clues and evidence to solve the case.

Stitchers 2 season release date will happen in July of 2016.

DVD and Bluray release date of Stitchers 2 season will happen in 2016.

While waiting, watch Stitchers 1 season trailer:

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