Source Code 2 Release Date

Source Code 2 release date

Source Code 2 release date was rumored. What to expect from the sequel sci-fi thriller, 2011, the answers to these questions are looking for those who liked the original film from director Duncan Jones?

Only in late 2014 it was reported that that the continuation of the movie is in the works. In place of the director invited the director Anna Foerster previously rented during his career, such as the well-known series “Stranger” and “remember everything.”

Production of the sequel will take the Source Code of The Mark Gordon Company and Vendome Pictures that made the first film. Screenwriter Ben Ripley wants to create a story for the first tape as well on board this team.

Source Code 2 release date was rumored

About that returns whether the second part of actor Jake Gyllenhaal is currently not disclosed, but given the experience of the director in large and complex projects, you can hope that this will create more cash for the sequel.

Source Code 2 release date is 2016.

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