Sleepy Hollow 3 Season Release Date

Sleepy Hollow 3 season release date

Sleepy Hollow 3 season release date is scheduled. What to expect from the new series of the popular classic English gothic story?

In the autumn of 2014, the show has already started the second season of the television series of the mystical. Fans just excited about the new series and those who are awaiting the release of new episodes in season 3.


The plot of the series is based on the world-famous eponymous film. Events in the film takes place in a small town that is not far from New York. In the center of the story was the Headless Horseman, who instilled fear and terror in the inhabitants of the town. Rumors of this reached the capital of a large state, where he was sent to a young investigator. He had to understand the mysterious events.

Sleepy Hollow 3 season release date is scheduled

As for the TV series Sleepy Hollow, the original story was a little bit altered. Nevertheless, the series didn’t suffer from these changes, on the contrary, it won,as evidenced by the audience ratings and reviews. Official information about the third season of the series will be closer to the finale of the second season. Let’s wait and hope for a sequel.

If the ratings of the second season will be as high as in the first, then we will see a continuation in the fall of next year.

Sleepy Hollow 3 season release date is fall 2015 (tentative).  

Do you like this TV series? What do you want to see in the third season?

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