Silent Hill 3 Release Date

Silent Hill 3 release date was confirmed

Silent Hill 3 release date was confirmed. The details are disclosed further.

Canadian horror movie franchise Silent Hill will be continued the next year with the new movie called Silent Hill: Genesis. This statement was made by the studio Enigmar Entertainment.

Another Canadian horror movie sequel, one of the few films created after the series of video games made and published by the Japanese studio Konami.

The Plot:

Silent Hill: Genesis concentrates on youthful college alumni Harry Mason as he explores a series of secretive, shocking killings in the lethargic little town of Silent Hill, Maine.

Silent Hill 3 release date

According to information received from certain sources, the third of the horror film will be called Silent Hill 3: Genesis, director Michael will perform Burhan, the script works as it, together with Chris Daisy, work to create films took over the studio Enigmar Entertainment. In Silent Hill 3 premiere we will see such actors as Megan Maddock, Michael Carey, and Michael Nuccio.

Silent Hill 3 release date was scheduled for December 16, 2016.

There was no official news about the upcoming release date of Silent Hill 3 on Bluray and DVD.

While waiting for the official trails, watch Silent Hill: Revelation trailer:

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