Shazam Movie Release Date

Shazam movie release date

Shazam movie release date has been announced. What should we wait from Shazam movie premiere?

It became known release date of Shazam movie reboot.  Do you remember the popular Shazam graphic novels by DC Comics? It has become known that DC has plans to reboot Shazam franchise and the legendary Dwayne Johnson was officially announced for cast as Black Adam in Shazam. Black Adam is the main antagonist of the franchise so it would be great to watch him in this role.

Warner Bros is planning to release in theaters the next conjoining project with DC Comics titled Shazam. It will be a story about an ordinary boy, who in secret has an extraordinary ability to transform into an adult superhero with a single word. From birth, the boy destined to be elected to influence the world and protect it at the right time. And so it happened. Turning into Shazam (the name was taken from the first letters of the ancient gods, for example, Solomon, Achilles, etc) superhero has to face Black Adam as his main rival.

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Shazam movie release date has been announced

Shazam movie release date is scheduled by Warner Bros to May 4th, 2019.

DVD release date of Shazam movie is expected in summer of 2019.

Shazam movie release date on Bluray is highly planned for summer of 2019.

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