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Samurai Jack 5 season release date

Samurai Jack 5 season release date has been announced by Adult Swim. Read the news below.

After a 10-year break, Samurai Jack 5 season premiere was finally scheduled. The animated series was broadcasted on television for several years from 2001 to 2004. But after so many years of silence, many fans were glad to know about the upcoming 5th season. Definitely, the expectations were worth it. Adult Swim announced Samurai Jack season 5 episode 1 production with the plot prolonging the 4th season.

The Plot:

The focus of the audience during all seasons was the opposition Samurai Jack and the demon Aku. Jack turned out to be a hero, which was needed to mankind. He learned martial arts and became a skilled warrior. And despite the fact that a protagonist is a good-natured man, he is always ready to help people and to stand up for justice and kindness. But the demon Aku was not the mistake. He was evil in its purest form, but it still did not stop him to win not only the world but also the sympathy of the audience. Aku learnt from the mistakes of the past and become smarter and more cunning with every defeat.

Samurai Jack 5 season release date has been announced by Adult Swim

The new season of the adventures of a brave Samurai Jack will be released this year. But there is no information about the new plotlines.

Samurai Jack 5 season release date was scheduled for autumn of 2016.

There is no exact release date of Samurai Jack 5 season on Bluray and DVD.

While waiting, watch the cut scene from Samurai Jack 4 season:

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