Salt 2 Release Date

Salt 2 release date

Salt 2 release date was leaked. Read and discuss the news below.

By the end of the current year is expected to yield to hire a new part of spy movie Salt to be directed by George Miller and will also feature Angelina Jolie. In the new film will discuss the spy, which this time will have to work for American intelligence. In the course of the story, the main character will have many difficult moments where you need to show all their wit and logic.

The first movie was released in 2010. Despite the fact that the global box office, he has collected a fairly large amount of money that exceeds the budget; among critics this film caused a lot of disapproving comments. But exactly what the movie has caused the approval by ordinary viewers, helped shoot the second part.

Salt 2 release date leaked

The main role in Salt 2 also will play Angelina Jolie. It’s now known that it begins to dictate its own terms, as part of the new scenario it is not particularly caught. Learn conclusively that will be in the film, it will be possible only after seeing it at the end of current 2015.

Salt 2 release date is expected at the end of 2015. Follow our updates to find out.

DVD and Bluray release date of Salt 2 will happen in 2016.

While waiting watch Salt movie trailer 2:

Let’s wait for the movie and hope that he will at least no worse than the previous one.

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