Republique PS4 Release Date

Republique PS4 release date

Republique PS4 release date has been finally confirmed. Check the details below.

Certainly, many of us have not heard about the game like Republique. Republique is an episodic action-stealth game, created thanks to funding through Kickstarter. Initially, it has been released on iOS in December 2013, and a bit later was ported to PC and Mac.

The Kickstarter campaign that was launched to raise funds for the development Republique ended May 11, 2012, and its creators Camouflaj and Logan Games managed to gather $ 555,000 from the initial goal of $11 000. And thanks to such great results it was decided to port Republique also on the platform of PlayStation 4.

Due to the publisher GungHo Entertainment (the game’s publisher), that has decided to expand the number of platforms for Republique premiere on PS4 will happen in 2016.

Republique PS4 release date has been finally confirmed

The Plot:

The game takes place in the totalitarian state Metamorphosis, similar to the city described in the novel “1984” by George Orwell. “Ghosts” (Prizrak) – the residents of the totalitarian state – conduct experiments on humans at the mysterious facility called the Pre-Cals.


One of Pre-Cals a woman named Hope communicates with a player by phone and asked him/her to help her escape from the facility of Metamorphosis. She and the player receive support from an undercover agent Cooper and using the communication via phone or computer need to try leaving the dangerous place. In the original version released on iOS, the player looked through the camera to say Hope where to go, but PS4 gamers will get full control of the character.

Republique PS4 release date will happen only in the digital version in early 2016.

The Ps4 version will include all five episodes that were released previously on iOS, PC and Mac.

There are no plans to release the game on Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PS3.

While waiting, watch Republique trailer and gameplay video:

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