What is The Release Date for Microsoft Office 2015?

What is the release date for Microsoft Office 2015

What is the release date for Microsoft Office 2015? All who use this popular text editor are wondering when they will be able to try the new features and see the improved user interface of Microsoft Office 2015.

Microsoft is currently testing the first mobile, client and server versions of Windows 9 – this was known from some insiders who work on this project. In alpha-testing stage is currently Windows 365, that will be a sort of Microsoft Windows Cloud – the operating system distributed by subscription. There is an active preparation for the release of Office 2015 package and the similar Metro application package – Office Gemini 2014 designed for mobile touchpad devices.

The release date for Microsoft Office 2015 is known

The conference Build leaked the information not only about the new updates of Windows – 8.1 and 8.2, but also disclosed some facts concerning the development of the new Office version. And if the second update to 8.1 Office was clearly demonstrated, the new Office suite wasn’t demonstrated.

There were also leaked some PDF files of Office Gemini 2014 that looks stylish and minimalistic, resembling the famous analogue of Microsoft Office for iPads. The user-interface is quite suitable for use with a mouse and keyboard as well.

It is not known whether these interfaces will be identical to new desktop Office packages. But as rumors say, we can expect new Microsoft Office 2015 in the late 2014.

Supposedly, the release date for Microsoft Office 2015 is in the late 2014.

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