Ray Donovan 4 Season Release Date

Ray Donovan 4 season release date

Ray Donovan 4 season release date has been confirmed by Showtime bosses. Get detailed information below.

When will Showtime present Ray Donovan 4 season premiere? What should we expect in Ray Donovan season 4 episode 1? Let’s disclose all data about the 4th season.

The Plot:

Ray Donovan lives Los Angeles. His profession is very specific. He is committed to solving other people’s problems. His clients are mostly wealthy people, so it makes a lot of money on such affair. People are turning to the main character of the City Council, as well as more serious problems. Ray brilliantly solves problems of other people, but his life is a mess. The protagonist absolutely cannot give advice to himself as paradoxical as it may sound. In the worst possible moment returned from prison the father of Ray, who came to make his son’s life miserable.

And in the personal life of the protagonist is not so smooth, in fact, my wife and I had the constant scandals, and the children did not want to obey their convicted father. What will happen next? Ray Donovan is really looking forward to making his life better, but the disaster is what it looks like right now.

Ray Donovan 4 season release date has been confirmed

Unfortunately, there is no official and confirmed information about the exact release date of Ray Donovan 4 season but it will definitely happen as well as the fifth season.

Ray Donovan 4 season release date has been scheduled for summer of 2016.

Ray Donovan 4 season release date on Bluray and DVD happens somewhere at the end of 2016.

Ray Donovan 3 season premiere trailer:

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