Rainbow Six: Siege Release Date

Rainbow Six: Siege release date

Rainbow Six: Siege release date has been confirmed. There are details given below.

Especially for fans of the tactical shooters Ubisoft Montreal has created a new part of the game Rainbow Six. We look forward to the first class shooter demo and details from the developers. When should we wait for Rainbow Six: Siege premiere?

Rainbow Six: Siege is an FPS shooter that was developed by Ubisoft Montreal. This shooter will be different high realism and the need to think carefully about every step to fulfilling the mission. Do not wait for easy shooting or encumbered intelligence enemies. No wonder developers are announcing the game as the most serious game thriller last 10 years.

As in the previous series, then the battle will take place between the two belligerent parties: special forces and terrorists. The player can choose any direction. However, we must take into account the fact that on the side of Special Forces, though the latest drones and explosives will be capable of demolishing the wall, on the side of terrorists’ superior knowledge level and ability to build barricades. Which side to choose – only solves a player based on their tactical preferences?

Rainbow Six: Siege release date has been confirmed

The game will run on modern PCs and consoles of the last generation, both in single player and multiplayer mode.

Rainbow Six: Siege release date was scheduled for October 13, 2015.

Rainbow Six: Siege release date will happen on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

The official trailer of the shooter shows the operation to rescue the hostages, one of the many provided by the game. While waiting, please watch Rainbow Six: Siege reveal trailer:

What are you waiting from this game? Did you play other Rainbow Six games?

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