Project X 2 Release Date

Project X 2 release date was confirmed

Project X 2 release date was confirmed. Check the details in the post below.

In 2012, there was released the first part of the history of Project X. Since then, audiences from different countries were interested in Project X 2 premiere. When should we expect for Project X 2 release date on big screens?

The plot:

It should be noted that the story of the grand party depicted in Project X received a lot of positive feedback from many viewers. Many fans of the film older remembered their youth, when they staged a party, certainly not of this magnitude, but no less fun.

In the first part, there were in the center three high school students, who were losers in your school. In order to become famous among their peers, they are conceived to arrange a big party. With this party, they wanted to attract attention.

The party was planned modest, but eventually everything gets out of control Three friends. The news of this party scatters lightning, and their holiday can become a legend.

Despite the banality of the plot, which was plenty in the movie, this film has been selected by many viewers, who are looking forward to the second movie.

Project X 2 release date

Facts and news about the movie

The modest budget of the first movie was only $ 12 million. At the same time, the box office of the movie was more than $ 102 million. This indicates that the second part is bound to be.

With regard to the sequel, until the official confirmation from the creators we can’t speculate on the release date of the second movie. There are only some rumors.

Project X 2 release date is expected somewhere in 2017.

There is no exact information about Project X 2 release date on Bluray and DVD.

While waiting watch Project X movie trailer:

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