Outlander 2 Season Release Date Premiere 2015

Outlander 2 season release date

Outlander 2 season release date is confirmed. What to expect from the sequel to this fantastic drama  produced by STARZ?

STARZ just after the airing of the pilot episode of Outlander officially renewed the show for the second season. The first episode attracted to television screens for more than 5 million viewers on all platforms. It is assumed that the second season will receive from 13 to 16 episodes next year. The debut season contains 16 episodes.

Outlander 2 season release date is confirmed

The new season will be based on the second of eight novels written by Diana Gabaldon called Outlander – Dragonfly in Amber.

“The overwhelming fan support of Outlander show has made the second season possible. Audience and critics have decided for us to continue production of the sequel based on the second book, “- said Chris Albrecht, Starz CEO.

Outlander 2 season release date is summer of 2015.

Do you like the novels by Diana Gabaldon? Did you watch the first season?

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