Oculus Rift Release Date

Oculus Rift release date was confirmed

Oculus Rift release date was confirmed during E3 2015 in Los Angeles. The details are given below.

Oculus Rift is developed by Oculus VR company and supported by Facebook. The company employs a small staff, some of whom are very well-known personalities in the IT-world, such as John Cormack, a co-founder of ID Software (Doom, Quake).

About the development of Oculus Rift:

The development of the Oculus Rift project managed to attract investments of about $ 100 million, including funds raised on Kickstarter. In March 2014 the company was acquired by Facebook. According to the head of the social network Mark Zuckerberg, the potential use of Oculus Rift after release date goes far beyond computer games.

Oculus Rift to your PC can be connected using an HDMI or DVI cable. USB is used to transfer data from the tracker; there is a separate power cord. All these wires are connected to the controller, which is mounted on the helmet. The user version is also considering the possibility of wireless connection.

Oculus Rift release date

The 3D-helmet technology behind Oculus Rift is based on the display image with subsequent correction by lenses. For each person requires a separate setting helmet indicating the distance between pupils of a user. Oculus Rift release date was delayed many times to achieve safer device work with protection of human health.

At the first use of the device may be some side effects such as dizziness, nausea and ripples in the eyes. The brain adapts to the new reality and operates with increased load. Also, special requirements apply to the quality of the video: the disproportionate and distorted image rejection causes the brain and can lead to consequences mentioned above.

The technical specs of Oculus Rift:

Oculus Rift helmet has a wide field of view and low latency image. Motion tracking is implemented using a gyroscope and accelerometer magnetic field sensor. What characteristics will have a custom version is not yet known, but there is evidence of SDK-version for developers:

  • Display dimension – 1280 x 800 (640 x 800 per eye);
  • The horizontal field of vision is90 degrees;
  • The diagonal field of view is 110 degrees;
  • Supported platforms: PC (Windows, Linux, OS X).
  • Interfaces include DVI, HDMI, USB;
  • The weight of Oculus Rift is 380 g.

Oculus Rift release date on Windows (PC), Linux (PC) and OS X (Mac) is expected in the first quarter of 2016.

Since mid-2013, the first models of OR helmets are distributed in a version for developers. The output of the consumer market (in the United States and partially in Europe) is expected in the Q1 of 2016.

What are you waiting from Oculus Rift premiere?

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