No Game, No Life 2 Season Release Date

No Game, No Life 2 season release date

No Game, No Life 2 season release date was rumored. The news is given further.

No Game, No Life a.k.a. Nogemu Noraifu 2 season premiere will probably happen at the end of 2016. Currently No Game, No Life season 2 episode 1 is in the production. There are some rumors, but still we should wait for the official confirmation.

The Plot:

The first season of the two best players on the planet, which are not only brother and sister, but also a great team, immediately won the hearts of all fans of anime. The history of the series is that the most successful players – Sora and Shiro Brasil challenge unknown to the network under the name “God.” With incredible difficulty friendly team wins and learns that their opponent was the goddess of the game world. Having overcome it, our heroes get to the world where there is no place to evil and war and all disputes are resolved through the game.

The alternative world amazes and fascinates protagonists, they are trying to adapt to it and play by its rules. Sora and Shiro firm resolve to conquer the world, and for this, they must win against the gods themselves. The first season, consisting of 12 episodes, ended up not giving interchange, so viewers are looking forward to continuing and new anime adventures of brother and sister.

No Game, No Life 2 season release date was rumored

Directed by Atsuko Ishizuka No Game, No Life will still have at least 13 episodes. We already know that the second season will come from 13-series and will appear on the screens in 2016. The exact date is not called, so all fans can only wait and hope that the adventure anime series will be pleased with them in the very near future.

So, to sum up, No Game, No Life 2 season release date will probably happen in autumn of 2016.

Wait for the updates to find out about No Game, No Life 2 season release date on DVD and Bluray.

While waiting, you can watch No Game, No Life 1 season trailer:

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