Mistresses 4 Season Release Date

Mistresses 4 season release date

Mistresses 4 season release date has been confirmed by ABC. Check the news below.

Mistresses season 4 episode 1 premiere will definitely happen next year. ABC has confirmed the extension to the series.

The Plot:

The plot centers on 4 female friends. Each of them has a difficult  relationship with a married man.

Savi is a successful and very beautiful lady. Her husband Harry works in a prestigious law firm. Also, Savi has a younger sister named Josslyn. It is quite an idle life and relies only on her older sister.

April is a friend of the two sisters. Most recently, she lost her husband and was left all alone at the hands of two children. Of course, she gets support and sympathy from friends. It helps her to cope with all the problems and move on.

Mistresses 4 season release date has been confirmed

The fourth friend is Katie. It is a well-known and successful practicing psychotherapist. Main characters – these are ordinary women who simply want to be happy.

Throughout their lives, they know themselves, are worried about their loved ones, experiencing emotions of pity, anxiety, despair, betrayal and love.

More recently it started showing the third season has been launched.

There were no official statements from the creators of the project about the extension of the TV show. Most likely, the sequel will be entirely dependent on the ratings of the 3rd season.

But, allegedly, Mistresses 4 season release date has been confirmed for summer of 2016.

Approximately Mistresses 4 season release date on DVD and Bluray will be in autumn of 2016.

For now watch Mistresses 3 season trailer:

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