Mischief of the Gods 2 Season Release Date

Mischief of the Gods 2 season release date

Mischief of the Gods 2 season release date was scheduled. Check the information below.

Kamigami no Asobi a.k.a. Mischief of the Gods (?????) is a popular anime TV show that has a lot of fans in Japan and the United States. According to some rumors, we should wait for Mischief of the Gods season 2 episode 1 premiere in 2016.

It is worth noting that this particular anime TV show will be more interesting for the female audience, but it has no any restrictions for any group of viewers, expect underage children.

The Plot:

The main protagonist of the series is a young girl named Yui Kusanagi, who is studying in the second grade of high school. Through his father is the priest in the Shinto temple, Yui, from early childhood she learned the martial arts. The protagonist went through the hard training in sword fights. Once upon a time her love for ancient weapons transfers the girl in another dimension. This world was artificially created by the thunder of Zeus.

Mischief of the Gods 2 season release date was scheduled

In this world, there is an island with the Academy where the gods are learning martial arts. Here Yui is a teacher who will teach the secrets of the gods of the human heart. She has a contract for one year, but this year will be difficult to survive…

Interesting facts about Mischief of the Gods 2 season premiere

This project is popular due to its unusual concept. Here there are clich? tropes that most familiar adolescent projects entwined with bizarre intertwining mythology of various countries.

The first season of this series consisted of 12 episodes. The audience saw all of them during the spring of 2014. Judging by the ratings of the first season, the second season won’t be released soon.

Mischief of the Gods 2 season release date can happen somewhere in 2016.

There are no any details about Mischief of the Gods 2 season release date on DVD or Bluray. 

For now watch Mischief of the Gods 1 season trailer: 

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