Mirrors 3 Release Date

Mirrors 3 release date

Mirrors 3 release date was planned. The details were disclosed below.

The famous American horror film directed by Victor Garcia, with actors Nick Steel, Evan Jones, Christy Carlson Romano will get another movie.

Mirrors 3 premiere has been already scheduled and will happen this year.  For a long time, there was no official information on how to come out the third movie we recall that the second film was released back in 2010, the world gathering was not successful as the first one and the project was soon closed.

Literally, in the autumn of 2015, the network has information not yet confirmed, but the shift in the implementation of the franchise is. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment extended the contract with Sean Ho Kim on writing the script for the continuation of the breathtaking stories.

It is known that the former movie was produced by Hollywood celebrities – John Taylor and Nick Thurlow.

The Plot

The action takes place two years before the events of the second part, a young guy Max, just a few weeks lost lover she died and he still cannot with those to be measured.

But to do that it is necessary life goes on, Max takes a job as a security guard, to be alone with select night shifts.

Mirrors 3 release date was planned

But from the first days begins to notice some oddities, all the mirrors in the new work looks as though alive. In them, he starts seeing mysterious events creepy when viewed in reflection. But the worst thing that all he ever saw them coming true in reality. Soon the mirror, he learns about the death of their colleagues during their death present a strange girl.

Soon, he meets her and tries to talk to her. She gives him a tip on missing recently serving Eleanor. Max goes to her family, specifically his sister Elizabeth, and together they decide to go in search of clues sister use of the mirrors.

Entangled tracks like the breadcrumb leading the pair to Henry, who replaced Max and at work. The guard is behaving strangely, he falls in wild terror at the sight of all the mirrors.

Mirrors 3 release date was scheduled for November of 2016.

There is no official confirmation about Mirrors 3 release date on Bluray and DVD.

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