Might and Magic Heroes VII Release Date

Might and Magic Heroes VII release date

Might and Magic Heroes VII release date was confirmed during Gamescom 2014. Ubisoft will promote and publish the another sequel to the popular game franchise.

Who among us has not wanted to occasionally dip into another world, the world of the Middle Ages and magic, where there is a beautiful and majestic dragons elves. Therefore, the world of Might and Magic conquered the hearts of many fans all over the world. On the stage is the greatest game of the genre is Might & Magic Heroes VII!

One can argue which game is better and why, but there are games that just do not die! Even now, hordes of fans and darkness players are still playing with passion in the third and fifth. So astrologers proclaim the week of Heroes increase views!

The announcement was August 13, 2014 at the International Exhibition of electronic entertainment conference is Gamescom 2014. German developers will patch for 6-th Heroes – studio Limbic Entertainment.

Might and Magic Heroes VII release date was confirmed

The plot:

Events are moving into the gap between the plot of the 5th and 6th part. In a certain kingdom, in some states, there lived a hero, with the telling name – Ivan. After the collapse of the Falcon Empire, he collects the Shadow Council that they prompted to do next – fight il rest. Shadow Council consists of representatives of different factions who will gladly take Ivan Padawan and talk about the adventures of his characters. In 6 companies we just witness the glorious heroes of their own origin.

Ubisoft wants to run the project Heroes online, as it is now – the trend, so nuff said. There will be 6 castles and some were determined by voting. You can take an advantage of such classes:

  • Undead (Necropolis)
  • People (Heaven)
  • Elf (Silvergard)
  • Orc (the rebellious tribes)
  • Dark Elves (Dungeon)
  • Mages (Academy)

Might and Magic Heroes VII release date is scheduled for the late 2015.

Date release of Might and Magic Heroes VII on PC, MAC and Linux is scheduled for 2015.

The release of Might and Magic Heroes VII release date on Xbox One or PS4 has yet to be confirmed.

One can say that this creation will be released in 2015, want specific? Come more often! By the way the fans have made it possible to choose which city will be cut, and Knight won elves, dwarves and inferno, although there is information that they finished in the paid upgrade.

Are you waiting for Might and Magic Heroes VII release date?

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