Marvel Agent Carter 3 Season Release Date

Marvel Agent Carter 3 season release date

Marvel Agent Carter 3 season release date was teased by MCU and ABC. The details are given below.

Director’s chair once again will be taken by Louis D’Esposito. In Marvel Agent Carter 3 season premiere you will see Hayley Atwell, Alexander Carroll, Shea Whigham, Bridget Regan, Lyndsy Fonseca and Megan Faye.

Just a few days ago, the official representative of Marvel Studios gave an interview in which he said that the shooting completed, the release of new episodes will be held immediately after the New Year, in 2016, also, we should wait for Marvel Agent Carter season 3 episode in January of 2017.

The Plot

The events in the series take place in 1946, around the beauty Peggy Carter. After the death of a loved one – Steve Rogers, a young girl appeared a lot of problems.

Like the Second World War came to an end, everything is very pleased to destroy fascism, but Peggy is nothing to rejoice. It has become very lonely and trying to control myself and not get depressed after the death of a loved one.

Moreover, she had no time to waste your time in vain, because it works not only office workers but also serves as a secret organization called “Strategic Scientific Reserve”.

Under the guise of a simple American woman, Peggy Carter is to carry out secret missions from Howard Stark. Who could know what a real man’s work can be like a normal woman?

Marvel Agent Carter 3 season release date was teased by MCU and ABC

Howard Stark – billionaire genius inventor and father of all the famous “Iron Man” Tony Stark was a long way from the usual boy to the creator of various kinds in the world’s most dangerous weapons. His achievements and results of the studies kidnapped enemy group.

Agent Carter will have to track down criminals and destroy development, for which it comes in contact with Howard and his assistant Edwin Jarvis.

Marvel Agent Carter 3 season release date will happen in January of 2017.

There is no information about Marvel Agent Carter 3 season release date on DVD and Bluray.

Please watch Marvel Agent Carter 2 season trailer, while waiting for new episodes:

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