Magic Mike 3 Release Date

Magic Mike 3 release date

Magic Mike 3 release date may happen in future. The details are disclosed below.

Many fans and admirers of Channing Tatum were breathlessly waiting for the premiere of the comedy/drama/male striptease Magic Mike XXL in July 2015.

Now, after the sequel’s successful release, there are a lot of questions about the possibility of extending the franchise and participation of the main actors in the third movie.

The sequel made by the director Gregory Jacobs became a hit mainly among the female audience. How do we know this? Because the report was that 90% of the audience in U.S. cinemas were women.

At this point, the movie has earned $ 32 million, and about 26 million women want to see how Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, and Matt Bomer tear off her clothes for money.

Many predict that the third part will not happen because the box office results were not as good as expected.

Magic Mike 3 release date may happen in future

However, Joe Manganiello said, that “If I was a gambler, I would say that there are chances we go to 3D”. Does it mean that Magic Mike 3 premiere will be in 3d? We’ll see.

As for the rumors, about the new plot it is known that the protagonists will go to the journey to Europe!

Magic Mike 3 release date must be expected not earlier than in 2018.

We should wait for any official statements before making any assumptions for Magic Mike 3 release date on DVD and Bluray.

For now watch Magic Mike XXL movie trailer 2:

Do you think we have a chance to watch yet another sequel in the franchise?

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