Mad Dogs US 2 Season Release Date

Mad Dogs US 2 season release date

Mad Dogs US 2 season release date was confirmed. Amazon has disclosed some details.

Amazon has officially announced the extension of Mad Dogs. The script for Mad Dogs US 2 season premiere will be written by Chris Cole, Charles McDougall will be the director. What to expect from Mad Dogs US season 2 episode?

The Plot

The main characters of the show, Woody, Baxter and Rick Keene since the time of primary school continue to maintain friendly relations, although they have forty years. That is one of the usual days of the four friends goes to the fabulous city of Belize at the invitation of a mutual friend Alvo.

Mark his retirement, by the way, Alvo worked for more than 25 years in the realty company, he simply gorgeous, a huge house, that’s where he invited old friends to celebrate his indefinite leave.

Five solid-looking men are ready for entertainment and fearless detachment. They travel in the hope of listening to your favorite music, drink alcohol, and relax with young beauties.

Mad Dogs US 2 season release date was confirmed

Arriving in Belize everything starts to go wrong, the company was shocked, of what luxury living Alvo, and began reproaching conscience, and not childish to stifle envy, what their lives are worthless compared to it. The company began to produce other acts and wrongs of the past.

It starts the party, and the children are no longer plagued by issues of jealousy, but only fear for their own lives. The huge mansion and adjoining territory wandering maniac and murderer, in a rabbit mask, he killed several people and offered the protagonists of the police allegedly did they.

Mad Dogs US 2 season release date was confirmed by Amazon and will probably happen in January of 2017.

There is no information about the release date of Mad Dogs US 2 season on DVD or Bluray.

While waiting watch Mad Dogs 1 season trailer:

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