Looking 3 Season Release Date

Looking 3 season release date

Looking 3 season release date has been scheduled by HBO representatives. We should wait for the new season in 2015.

For two season series from HBO’s Looking pleases its fans. All they are interested in whether the new season. When will “Looking” season 3? When does it become known to the release date of the continuation of this series?


Three homosexual guys who live in San Francisco. At first glance, they are all different, but they are best friends. The artist, a specialist in the catering business, a programmer – they are looking for their second half among representatives of a strong half of mankind. For this reason, these guys hang out in the area of Mission, which is very popular with gays. These guys are waiting and looking for all sorts of adventures.

Looking 3 season release date has been scheduled

As for the third 3 season, the creators have not yet reported on the future of the series. There is a possibility that the show will be continued, which viewers can see autumn 2015. Follow our messages and find out when there will be continued and whether it will at all.

Looking 3 season release date is highly expected in Fall of 2015.

DVD release of Looking 3 seasons will be in December of 2015.

Looking 3 season release date on Bluray is scheduled for the very beginning of 2016.

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