Limitless 1 Season Release Date

Limitless 1 season release date

Limitless 1 season release date was announced by CBS. Check the details below.

Very few people did not like the sci-fi thriller Limitless with Bradley Cooper, which was released in 2011. An unusual story about human capabilities and the fact that the work of the brain is not fully activated forced to think. The human memory is limitless, but we often forget, we cannot remember and do not focus our attention on small details. The development of this idea we should wait in Limitless 1 season premiere.


The main protagonist of the movie, who experiences a failure to failure after ingestion of narcotic tablets, opened the possibility of his brain and his life changed completely. He was successful because the saw and remembered every detail, instantly analyzing reports, numbers, and quickly remembered everything that he saw.

Limitless 1 season release date was announced by CBS

Not so long ago the television channel CBS showed the new trailer of the upcoming Limitless season 1 episode 1 premiere. But the main protagonist of the movie played by Bradley Cooper in the series will perform only the role of the producer without participating in the case.

Limitless 1 season release date was scheduled for autumn of 2015.

Limitless 1 season release date on Bluray and DVD is expected at the end of 2015.

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