Left For Dead 3 Release Date

Left 4 Dead 3 release date

Left For Dead 3 release date is not yet known. The fact is the game has not even been announced by Valve.

But we all know that a secret from all campaign-developer – Valve diligently work on a sequel to the zombie apocalypse under the number “3” and his other games, so you waiting for!

When will the Left 4 Dead 3? Now knowing that Valve is working on a new game engine Source 2 can be assumed that the first game on this engine, including Left 4 Dead 3 will be released after the engine will be completed. Announcement and release of the game Left 4 Dead 3 should not wait until 2014.

About third parts of Valve popular franchises

The ranks of the rumors about the projects Valve with number 3 in the title added another one that was born with the filing of one of the creators of Counter-Strike series Minh Le. Communicating with employees goRGNtv during the Twitch-broadcast, Vietnamese-Canadian developer bluntly stated that Half Life 3 is in development and is a “known fact” that has no hidden meaning.

“I feel as if my head is fallen laser sight – he admitted, when asked about the third part of the cult series I think. – I should not talk about it, but be honest, I think that the fact that the development of [Half-Life 3] does not need to be confirmed – everyone knows that it is in production. And for that matter, I would say that he had seen some concept art related to the project – or, at least, the game in the universe of Half-Life”. Following Minh caveat that this information is outdated, since he left the company a few years ago, and the current state of development it is not known.

Gabby game designer also did not fail to say that my own eyes have seen an early prototype of the Left For Dead 3 release date and remained in complete awe of the project. “It looks great, I’m just speechless when he saw this game – he recalled. – I love this series and I think that it has changed the gaming industry – at a time when the first part, there were not many good games for passing a joint. ”

Left 4 Dead 3 release date is not yet known

Valve comments about Left For Dead 3 release date

On the comments of the Valve, as usual, should not count – those rumors probably hung in the air just as leaked in January presentation with screenshots remake of Left 4 Dead 2 on the Source 2 last year and hints of the designer of the original Half-Life John Guthrie (John Guthrie ) that Half-Life 3 may leave this year. In general, the rumors circulating about the two projects on the web for many years, but they have no significant information was not disclosed. In October last year a trademark Half-Life 3 appeared on the website of the European Union Office for the registration of patents and trade marks (OHIM), but after a few days disappeared.

One of the most notable rumors regarding the possible continuation of the potentially Left 4 Dead, Valve began photography office in Bellevue, made last August, the International Dota 2 Championships during a special tour. In the same month, actor John Patrick Lowrie and GLaDOS voice Ellen McLain announced that Half-Life 3 was in development, but at some point the project was closed due to problems with the technology of capture movements. But soon after, he retracted his words, saying that the actors do not devote all the subtleties of what is happening and why it cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information. Two months before this reference to both employees fan-site resource ValveTime.net found in the archive file Valve with a list of workgroups.

It means that Left For Dead 3 release date is yet to be announced but it is currently in development.

What to expect from this game?

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